(Gangwon Ilbo) Amateur Athletics Federation-Taekwondo presented a plaque of appreciation to Chuncheon City and the Taekwondo Festival Organizing Committee.

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Robert Bobby Stone, Chairman of the United States Amateur Athletics Union-Taekwondo, who visited Chuncheon to participate in the 2023 Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival, presented a plaque of appreciation to Chuncheon Mayor Yook Dong-han and festival organizing committee chairman Lee Sang-min on the 21st.

Chairman Bobby Stone expressed his gratitude to Mayor Yuk and organizing committee chairman Lee before announcing the theme of the 2023 World Taekwondo Cultural Conference held at the Gangwon Research Institute on this day. The appreciation plaque contained the phrase, ‘We express our recognition and gratitude for contributing to the development of Taekwondo and dedicated service, and wish for future success.’

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