(Gangwon Ilbo) WT President Cho Jung-won, “Chuncheon will grow into an international city with Taekwondo.

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“We expect that Chuncheon City and Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province will be a great help in the development of Taekwondo.”

Cho Jung-won (76, photo), president of the World Taekwondo (WT), did not hide his expectations for Chuncheon, the city that houses the WT headquarters, the ‘heart of world Taekwondo.’ In an interview with Gangwon Ilbo on the 21st, President Cho said, “Just like Pyeongchang, which hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics, hosting the WT headquarters will greatly contribute to Chuncheon’s development as an international city.” He added, “Foreign officials attending the World Taekwondo Cultural Festival said, ‘Korea He expressed surprise, asking, “Is there such a beautiful city in Edo?” “This is my first time touring Chuncheon properly, and I thought we should hold more events because the city blends well with nature and has many good restaurants,” he said.

WT has already decided to hold the Octagon Diamond Game and demonstration contest in Chuncheon until 2026. When the headquarters is completed in 2027, international referee and coach training is expected to be conducted in Chuncheon. As Governor Cho expected, the strengthening of Chuncheon's city brand by utilizing WT's global network of 213 member countries around the world will be realized.

President Cho expected that Chuncheon City would greatly contribute to the development of Taekwondo. He said, “The hospitality of the Chuncheon citizens was impressive during the on-site inspection by the headquarters selection evaluation team last April,” and “WT is making social contributions to the world, such as providing Taekwondo supplies and providing Taekwondo education to refugees and orphans around the world.” activities are underway. He explained, “Chuncheon citizens will be able to help develop Taekwondo by providing uniforms for them.”

Next, President Cho Jung-won said, “I hope that hosting WT will serve as an opportunity to work together on good plans that can actually be felt.” He added, “I am glad that the World Taekwondo Cultural Festival is being held successfully, and we look forward to strengthening cooperation with Chuncheon City and Gangwon-do in the future.” “We expect to do more to raise our international status,” he emphasized.

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