(Kangwon Ilbo) “International event know-how sublimates Chuncheon City’s assets”… Lee Sang-min, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the World Taekwondo Culture Festival

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The success of the 2023 Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival was achieved through the joint efforts of Chuncheon City officials, the festival organizing committee, related organizations, and local organizations. Among these, Lee Sang-min, chairman of the World Taekwondo Cultural Festival organizing committee, has been involved from the beginning with preparations for a festival that will host the headquarters of the World Taekwondo (WT) and combine four types of world competitions.

After the closing ceremony, the final event of the festival on the 24th, Lee Sang-min, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, said, “I was disappointed because it was my first time doing everything, but I was able to come this far thanks to the people who silently helped me, and the know-how I accumulated this time in hosting international events will be sublimated into an asset for Chuncheon City.” revealed.

The World Taekwondo Cultural Festival Organizing Committee was launched last February. The number of people who started with three people eventually increased to 11 with the addition of interpreters. The organizing committee, together with the Chuncheon City support team, prepared all areas including festival facilities, game preparations, athletes' stay, and key personnel protocols.

Chairman Lee said, “Each competition has different requirements, and since we have no experience in international competitions, the organizing committee and the Chuncheon City support team went through a lot of trouble with only a small number of people. Personally, I think it is a miracle and I am very grateful.”

The short preparation period of 6 months and the concerns pouring in after the jamboree failure also put great pressure on the team.
Chairman Lee said, “Even before the jamboree incident, we adjusted the game time with the heat in mind, but with the typhoon coming right before the event, we were very worried about the weather,” and added, “We made a lot of effort to immediately respond to changing the stadium and adjusting the game time according to the weather and prevent the occurrence of patients.” “I poured it out,” he said.

In addition, he emphasized, “We expect next year’s festival to be two or three times more successful.” This year's festival was disappointing due to the wide distribution of stadiums, but this is a problem that will be largely resolved once the air dome is installed. Adjusting the timing of the festival to avoid the heat wave is also being considered.
Chairman Lee said, “Now that we have the opportunity to host an international organization, it is up to us to produce results,” and added, “We must do our best to attract international events and revitalize tourism and the economy in close cooperation with WT.”

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