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Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival

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(Gangwon Ilbo) World Taekwondo Cultural Festival D-30… Filled with thrilling matches

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The 2023 Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival, which will imprint Chuncheon, the central city of Taekwondo, is just one month away.

The World Taekwondo Cultural Festival, which will be held in the Songam Sports Town area of Chuncheon from the 18th to the 24th of next month, will be filled with thrilling matches and spectacular kicks, breaking, and poomsae demonstrations that will break the stereotypes that Taekwondo is 'difficult' and 'less fun'. lost.

The World Taekwondo Octagon Diamond Games (G4), which draws attention as a new area of taekwondo, is the main event of the festival where teams compete in 2v2 and 4v4 in an octagonal arena.

It is an official competition where ranking points are given by the World Taekwondo(WT), and points are given to powerful techniques using diamond structures and high-difficulty rotation movements to enhance the spectacle. Electronic protectors and real-time relaying incorporating IT technology provide a sense of excitement reminiscent of a game.

The World Taekwondo Beach Championships (G2) is a competition centered on the Poomsae contest, where various Taekwondo moves such as technical breaking, dynamic kicks, and breaking challenges compete for ranking.

The World Taekwondo Demonstration Contest is a competition that encompasses poomsae, sparring, breaking, and self-defense in a short period of time. You can see taekwondo as a comprehensive art.

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