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Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival

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(Gangwon Domin Ilbo) Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival opens... About 5,700 people from 63 countries enter the fierce competition

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The ‘2023 Gangwon-Chuncheon World Taekwondo Cultural Festival (hereinafter referred to as the Cultural Festival)’ opened at the Chuncheon Songam Sports Town Main Stadium on the 19th.

This cultural festival, hosted by the World Taekwondo (WT) and organized by the Cultural Festival Organizing Committee, has been held since the 18th, and over 5,700 athletes from 63 countries have been approved by WT in the Songam Sports Town area of Chuncheon for 7 days until the 24th. They will compete fiercely in four competitions (World Taekwondo Beach Championships, Octagon Diamond Games, World Taekwondo Exhibition Contest, and World Para Taekwondo Open Challenge).

The opening ceremony held on this day was attended by Kim Jin-pyo, Speaker of the National Assembly, Yoo In-chon, Special Adviser to the President on Culture and Sports, IOC Vice-Chairman Sermian Ng, WT President Cho Jeong-won, Cultural Festival Organizing Committee Chairman Lee Sang-min, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Governor Kim Jin-tae, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Superintendent of Education Shin Gyeong-ho, Chuncheon Mayor Yook Dong-han, and Chuncheon City President Kim Jin-ho. The conference hall, Gangwon Domin Ilbo Vice President Kyung Min-hyeon and others attended to congratulate the opening.

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